Preventative Maintenance and Support

Onsite Technical Support

Why use Trinity Robotics for Technical Support? It's simple; we are a FANUC certified service provider, we have a dedicated service team and we offer 24 hour support.

Our service technicians have training and experience on FANUC robots as well as Servo Motors, Servo Amplifiers, Teach Pendant..the list goes on. All technicians are OEM trained and ready to get you up and running in a timely manner.

  • Programming assistance

  • Robot malfunction

  • Robot Part Repair

Preventative Maintenance

Plain and simple, preventive maintenance makes good business sense. Trinity Robotics recommends that all robotic equipment be maintained regularly to improve the efficiency of your operation and the life of your equipment. Regular Preventive Maintenance helps to identify potential problems before they result in last-minute scrambling for parts and service.

Spare Parts

Not only do we maintain a supply of spare parts in-house, but with our network of parts providers, we are normally able to provide our customers with a twenty-four hour turn around for down production robots.


Whether it is a stationary robot, or an emerging mobile robot, our robot programming team is here to support you with upgrades and redeployment of existing robots already on the production floor.

Much of our work supports the system integration community with their needs during the times of robot programming capacity limitations. Our programmers can help supplement your team during these times and also be used to help you onboard and train your own team.

Our software development experts help create custom interfaces and logic to make robotic systems more flexible, user friendly and lean. They have written networking, database, calibration, sensor and interface utilities and programs in all major industrial languages.

This team of professionals are trained and experienced in executing projects with several brands of industrial robots. In supporting this wide range of robot platforms, our programmers are experts in developing software for customized applications.

Our robot programming team are trained in supporting the frequent use of a wide range of vision platforms, such as FANUC iRVision 2D & 3D, FANUC 3D Area Sensor, Cognex,

Product Manuals

  • Safety Manual

  • Pre-Installation Guide

  • Maintenance Manual

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