Our Dedicated Service Team manages our Preventative Maintenance programs and provides onsite as well as remote support. We specializing in programming, integration and repair.

Our Service engineering team are OEM trained and experienced in:

  • Conveyors and Sensors

  • Servo motors and amplifiers

  • Installation and Troubleshooting

  • Network and Database

  • Vision Systems

  • Electrical Systems


Certified Technicians

Our certified technicians are OEM-trained and qualified on FANUC, ABB, Yaskawa / Motoman, Kawasaki, Kuka, and others. Our experienced Trinity Automation support teams are prepared to respond to your call quickly and efficiently.

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Preventative Maintenance and Support

Properly maintained industrial robots should last for many years, even decades. Trinity Robotics recommends regular preventive maintenance as a routine part of operations to prevent costly problems. Trinity Robotics will design a custom preventive maintenance program that significantly reduces unscheduled down-time and extends the operational life of your production line.

Production Downtime Support

Equipment failure is the most common cause of costly production line downtime. Because Trinity Automation is both a recognized automation integrator and a certified service provider, we can promptly determine the problem and restore your line to full production with the least interruption.

Onsite Robotic Systems Repair

Even with the most aggressive preventive maintenance programs, robotic systems will occasionally fail. Trinity Robotics technicians are trained in a broad spectrum of robotic hardware and software.

We deliver prompt, 24-hour onsite repair. Our OEM-trained service technicians are qualified on multiple robot platforms. They can detect and analyze both software, electrical or mechanical problems and provide an effective solution to get you back into production promptly.

Robot Optimization

Are your production lines operating a peak efficiency? Production cycle time and continuity are crucial for throughout—and profitability—in any production facility. Trinity Automation’s field service teams can optimize processes and workflows through improved cycle times. Your optimized system will deliver optimum output through customized programming that reduces waste, boosts productivity, and increases reliability.

Robot Rebuilds

A Trinity Automation-rebuilt robot costs far less than new robots and effectively doubles the work life of your system. Trinity Robotics can refurbish or rebuild your robot to like-new operation. A complete rebuild includes: (a) inspection of all major components, (b) replacement of bearings, seals, gaskets, etc., (c) software updates, (4) functional checks and tests, and (5) operational test and verification of all systems, and where applicable, complete gearbox and/or wrist assembly rebuilds and motor reconditioning.

Facility and Onsite Training

With more than 25 years of experience as a robotic integrator, we understand the importance of keeping your robot up and running as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Let our experience work for you by applying lessons learned to ensure that your robotic production lines achieve and maintain optimum reliability. Contact us today for more information about our in-house or on-site training programs at 1-800-ROBOT-64 or fill out a contact form on our website and we will respond quickly to your inquiry.nathan

Regular maintenance on your robots help to keep them up and running. But emergencies happen so we offer after hours support to keep your robots humming.

Spare Parts

Not only do we maintain a supply of spare parts in-house, but with our network of parts providers, we can normally provide our customers with OEM-qualified parts in less than 24 hours.