Automated Pallet Systems for CNC Machining Centers

The AX series of automation for CNC Machines. Whether you are running high volume or a high mix of parts.

Our Automated Pallet systems reduce setup time to practically zero for repeat jobs, freeing your setup personnel. Our proprietary pallet management software features a simple interface providing part scheduling capability as well as the ability to communicate with the advanced verification features of your CNC Machine, such as Tool Breakage Detection, Tool Life Management and Probing.

What is a Pallet Management System?

  • Reduce setup time

  • Simplifies User Interface

  • Part Scheduling Capability

  • Communicates with Advanced Verification Features

For Haas Machines


Originally designed for Haas VMCs and the Haas UMC-750 5-Axis machines. The AX-5 Pallet System is best suited for side loading applications due to space limitations or lack of front access and B/C style 5-Axis machines.

Specific for Haas UMC-750

For Matsuura Machines


Originally designed for the Matsuura MX330 and MX520 5 axis machines. The AX-3 Pallet System is best suited for front loading applications due to space limitations or lack of side access and A/C style 5 axis machines.

Specific for Matsuura MX330 and MX520

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