Trinity Robotics Automation in Print

PNM Company, a valued Trinity customer and partner was recently featured in an issue of CNC West.  PNM has taken huge steps forward in an attempt to optimize machine cut time.  You can read read more about their company by clicking the button below:



In a continuing effort to keep production as efficient as possible in a very expensive real estate market, PNM Company contracted Trinity to develop a machine that could manage production on a HAAS VF-2SS.  Out of this vision was born the MCL-12S.  The robot cell allows operators to load approximately 50 pallets of parts for a continued machining process in a truly "lights out fashion".  According to the article, PNM believes that they can achieve a 12-14 hour run-time with a three man crew.


Trinity Robotics Automation is truly committed to working with local machine shops to help in any way possible to counteract the high cost of manufacturing in the USA.  We truly believe in power of innovation and efficiency and  welcome the opportunity to partner with customer like PNM.

The MCL-12S is in full production, saving time, money, optimizing the machining process, and helping to keep manufacturing in the USA.  Nice job guys, it was an honor working with you.