MCL-35 Build and Integration with a Matsuura MX-330 - 5 Axis Machine

Two MCL-35 Cells were recently delivered to a local customer to automate and manage the loading and unloading of two Matsuura 5-Axis MX-330s.  The MCL-35 cells contained approximately 40 unique part locations with two quick load stations, accepting up to 12” cube parts. Parts are loaded into the operator load station where they are tagged with a program the machining program prior to being staged in the MCL storage locations.  Operators can also set part priority to manage the production schedule. As the parts populate the system, the central HMI updates the production screens with estimated completion times. Once in production, the cell can be monitored from a remote location with access to both production screens and a live streaming camera.  These two systems are now if full production and allow for the machine and MCL-35 to be run lights out. The system can run unattended overnight, returning in the morning to 40 parts completed and ready for possessing.


Fabrication in Ontario, CA underway:

MCL-35 frame welding is complete, the robot and sheet metal arrive, and the cell is assembled and contstructed priror to bent dis-assembled and sent out for powder coat.


Integration underway:

After powder coating, the cell is reconstructed.  The robot is installed, sheet metal and polycarbonate panels are attached, and the controls integration begins.   Once complete, software is loaded and robot motion is finalized.


Prepping for shipment:

System integration complete and the MCL-35 is prepped for shipment to another customer ready for "Lights Out" production.


MCL-35 Installation complete and in full production.

Complete MCL-35

Complete MCL-35