Installation of a Dual Fanuc Robotic Machine Tending Cell

We recently installed and commissioned a fully automated dual robotic work cell.  In collaboration with C.R. Onsrud, we designed and installed a system that utilizes two Fanuc R-2000/125L robots to load and unload four CNC routing machines.  We incorporated the work cell into an existing production line, replacing a single CNC router loaded by hand by operators.

Utilizing a series of in-feed conveyors, customer product is fed into the robot pick conveyor where it is identified utilizing a Cognex vision system and a back-lit belt conveyor.  Once identified and located, the robots pick product from the conveyor and place them on the routing machines for processing. Once the machining cycle is complete, the robots pick finished products and place them on an out-feed conveyor.  Remnant pieces are swept off the routers into a cleated belt conveyor that transfers remnant pieces to a disposal bin.


After a successful design review, product begins to arrive.  Robots , risers (after powder coating), controls components, and conveyors are in house and ready to begin integration.


The integration stage in the shop begins.  The robots are mounted to the riser and the custom control panel is completed.  Programming begins on the Allen Bradley PLC and HMI and the robot motion programming is underway.


With Factory Acceptance Testing complete, the system is packed for shipment to the mid-west for production.


System Installation taking place at the customer facility.


System Build Complete and ready for final testing/commissioning