AX-5 for Haas UMC-750

Side Load Automated Pallet Management System


Maximum workpiece: 12X”X 12Y”X 12Z” (12X”X 15Y”X 12Z”)
Maximum Load: 75/110 lbs (FANUC M710iC)
Pallet Storage bays: 55
Workholding: Trinity Designed work holding utilizing a Schunk VERO-S module with integrated clamp confirmation
Control: 15” touchscreen with AX series control
CNC Interface: Haas
Safety: Safety Enclosure (Interlock Access)
Cell Size: 116”L X 113”W x 126”H
Cell Weight (incl Robot): 7,500lbs + pallets
Power: 480V 30 Amp
Air: 100-120 psi, 60 SCFM

See options below

Standard Equipment

1) Cell Controller

  • 15" Color Touch Screen (IP 65 Rated)

  • Pre-Programmed for Operator Friendly Operation

  • Endless batch sizes and/or combinations/Production Management

  • Multilevel Password Protected Security

  • Remote Viewing / production monitoring

2) Operator Load Station

  • Single Load / Unload Station

  • Convenient LED Illuminated Workstation

  • Large work area for part manipulation

  • Optimal work height for ideal ergonomics

3) Pallet Storage

  • 55 Pallet Locations

  • 2 Quick Load Machine Ready Pallet Locations

  • Integrated Drip Trays in quick load stations

  • Part Sizes up to 12" x 12" x 12"

  • Weight Capacity up to 110 lbs. (including EOAT & pallet)

4) Fanuc Robot

  • Fanuc Robotics M-710/50

  • Industrial Six Axis fully articulated robot

  • Industry leader in robot installations 

  • Included Fanuc ZDT (Zero Down Time)

  • Latest Model Controller

5) Robot End of Arm Tooling

  • Pneumatic interface to pallets

  • Manufactured by Trinity in Ontario, CA

  • Integrated and tested in all 55 pallet locations

  • Proven Schunk technology

  • Integrated photoelectric sensors

6) HAAS UMC-750/Robot Interface

  • Trinity Cell Controller with interface to HAAS

  • Integrated Auto-Door for side access

  • HAAS Cell Controller relocation

  • Safety Integration

  • Cell I/O Integration

  • Work Holding Receiver Integration

7) WorkHolding Pallets

  • Integrated Schunk pull stud for robot interface

  • Provides surface for multiple work holding options

  • Manufactured by Trinity in Ontario, CA

  • Utilized with vises, dovetails, custom fixtures, etc.

8) WorkHolding Receiver

  • Schunk Vero-S Work Holding Receiver

  • Micron Precision Connection

  • Patented dual stroke system for max pull force

  • Completely Sealed / Maintenance Free

  • Large Flat Surface for maximum rigidity

  • No areas for coolant or chip accumulation

Add-on Options

9) Rotary Load Station

  • Allows for access to all sides of work holding

  • Stainless Steel Components

  • Large Thrust Bearing

  • Spring Plunger with 4 locations

10) Hurricane Box

  • Integrated into cell for fixture / part cleaning

  • Allows for parts to be cleaned after machining

  • Captures chips and coolant

  • Reduces noise and debris in shop

11) Existing UMC-750 Retrofit

  • On-Site through table routing of pneumatic lines

  • On-Site Rotary Union Installation

  • On-Site Auto-Door Installation

  • On-Site Controls Interface wiring

  • On-Site Safety integration


12) 11 Month Preventative Maintenance

  • Purge Robot Grease / Inspect for wear

  • Change Robot backup batteries

  • Capture Robot Backups

  • Update Software (If applicable)

  • General Overall Inspection

13)  220 VAC Electrical Transformer

  • Procure, Rewire, and Install 220 VAC Transformer in Robot Controller

  • Convert from 480 VAC to 220 VAC

  • Includes necessary controls components

  • Input Voltage (220 VAC, 3 Phase, 60 AMPS)

  • Fanuc OEM Parts

  • Conversion made at Trinity prior to AX5 shipment